Bring back the love life
you thought was gone forever

It’s different in the ADHD bedroom.

Great sex starts between the ears, not between the legs. But what if there’s an ADHD brain between the ears of one or more partners? Things can get a little, well, interesting.

Like when you get distracted and start thinking about what’s for dinner instead of what’s going on in bed  (not so good for intimacy OR relationship). Or when you make a “love appointment” and forget about it until you notice your spouse has stopped speaking to you. Or when you blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or even the right thing at the wrong time. (sigh … it’s a problem).

You don’t do it on purpose.

ADHD isn’t a personal attack on your lover or your relationship, but it sure feels like it sometimes. Remember that adult ADHD means alternate focus and inattention, caution and impulsivity, excitement and calm. That up and down, back and forth inconsistency can make a mess of intimacy, both in and out of bed.

So where do you go for help?

Psychologist Ari Tuckman and I searched high and low but soon realized that nobody was talking about sex and ADHD. We decided it was time to dig in and find out what works for ADHD couples. Ari and I are experts in ADHD, but we needed an expert in human sexuality. Enter Dr. Jill, a.k.a. The Sexologist or Dr. Jill McDevitt (learn more about all of us below). The synergy is amazing!

The three of us have teamed up to bring you frank, honest, no-holds-barred conversation and education about ADHD and physical intimacy in this five-part series:

“ADHD Between the Sheets: Seven Secrets to Spice Up Your (Distracted) Love Life.”

The Seven Myths (and Secrets) to a Great Love Life

In our research, we realized that there is a lot of misinformation out there that is destructive to a great ADHD sex  life and relationship. Here are a few of the Great Myths that surround Great Sex.

Myth #1 If we “fix” the ADHD, we’ll have a better sex life.
Myth # 4 The best ADHD sex is always spontaneous.
Myth #7 If you would tell me I’m OK then I’d feel OK about myself, even with ADHD.

The Secrets, of course, will be revealed during ADHD Between the Sheets.

Meet the Team

We’ll answer your questions…

How does ADHD medication impact physical intimacy?
Does the neurology of ADHD enhance or hamper orgasm?
Do ADHD adults have a higher (or lower) sex drive than neurotypical adults?
If dopamine is released through sex, can sex help ADHD adults focus better?
Why do ADHD adults take more sexual risks than other adults?

If any of these sound familiar....

“I hate to say it but I get distracted during sex.”
“We fight more often than we make love. We’re too angry to be intimate.”
“He thinks that when the ADHD gets fixed, we’ll have more (better) sex. I’m not so sure.”
“Of course, I want us to be more intimate. But it’s been so long now….
“By this time, she should KNOW what turns me on!”

...then "ADHD Between the Sheets" is for you and your lover!

OK, you've convinced me
How much does it cost?


    5 Hours packed with information
    about the intersection of ADHD and Sexuality

    • Four downloadable video webinar sessions
    • Four downloadable audio only sessions
    • PDF transcripts of all four sessions
    • PDF copies of all PowerPoint slides and handouts


    ADHD Between the Sheets is the best investment you can make in your ADHD relationship!