2024 Get Organized program is now 8 weeks of education, live decluttering and support!

We all get started with vim and vigor but fall victim to a sudden, sinking feeling that we are in over our heads. So we stop. Or procrastinate. Or give up. Until next time. This is next time! Join me and a bunch of other ADDivas who really do understand your frustration and will celebrate your success!

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Women with ADHD

(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD Women are often diagnosed at midlife or menopause, when hormones go crazy. But an ADDiva (pronounced “ay-dee-DEE-va”) can come out of her (disorganized) closet at any age.

We ADDivas (women with ADHD) are notorious for trying to hide our ADD-ish tendencies (it rarely works by the way), but you can get past the piles and the procrastination with a little help from the ADDiva Network.

Then you can emerge as the truly talented, amazing woman you are. And do it because (not in spite) of your ADHD.

You’ll be supported with webinars from top ADHD experts, women’s transformational retreats, weekend intensive workshops and most importantly, connection with other ADHD women, as you move through the Three Big Stages of living with and loving ADHD. 

3 Stages in an ADDiva's ADHD Discovery


…which translates to: Omigosh I have ADHD, let’s fix it! This stage includes diagnosis, medication, therapy, support groups, (re) organizing and structure, and may induce a flurry of activity (hyper-focus anyone?).


…e.g. the “I’ve tried everything and I still have ADHD!” stage. This can be alternately disheartening and enlightening. Now you have a chance to put your arm around your ADHD and make it your friend. You might even find out you like yourself… a lot!


…also known as the “I deserve to live my dreams, darn it!” stage that unlocks your passion and purpose. It’s my belief that ADHD women have so much unrealized potential inside themselves that, when released, could change the world. Absolutely. Positively.

That’s what the ADDiva Network is all about — opening the door to the vast reservoir of frustrated possibilities that live within all of us, especially ADHD women who were diagnosed after age 40, when life becomes more precious.

So come on in.

We’ve been waiting for you, dear friend.

How Can I Help You?

Support for ADHD Women

ADDiva Coaching

You may have heard of ADHD coaching, which helps you move forward in your life, with an accent on accountability and structure (that awful four-letter word!). Click HERE for all the details about ADHD coaching (for ADHD women..and men, too!)

Individual Coaching

ADHD Women Retreats

ADDiva Retreats

Retreats are like coaching on steroids — lots of information in a small amount of time. The rewards are great, the transformation remarkable. Linda’s retreats come in three forms:

  1. ADDiva retreats, for ADHD Women Only
  2. Women’s transformational retreats
  3. Couples retreats

ADDiva Connection Calls

Monthly calls offered to the ADDiva community at no charge. Linda presents the 60-minute sessions six times a year; there are prominent ADHD guest speakers the other 6 sessions. Downloads of the classes are available at modest charge.

Group ADHD Coaching by Phone

Interested in ADHD Coaching? Take my coaching readiness quiz now.

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ADDiva Blog

ADHD 40+ Survey

I’m gathering information about a long-ignored group: ADHD adults over 40. Though this isn’t a randomized, scientific survey, it may provide impetus for future research. Please help me focus more attention on, well, US! Thanks.