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Bio: Linda Roggli, PCC
Updated 1/30/2015

100-word bio

Linda Roggli, PCC, is an award-winning author and founder of the ADDiva Network which supports ADHD women who are 40-and-better. She is also the co-founder of the acclaimed ADHD Women’s Palooza, an online week devoted to women with ADHD. Her book, Confessions of an ADDiva-midlife in the non-linear lane (2011) won first prize in the Next Generation Indy Book awards. She is a contributing author to The Distracted Couple: The Impact of ADHD on Relationships (2013). Linda is a Professional Certified Coach and retreat facilitator for women and ADHD couples. She chairs the Webinar Committee for ADDA and served on its board of directors. She is a sought-after speaker at conferences. She is the ADHD expert on and blogs for ADDitude magazine and She and her husband live in North Carolina with two adorable Shelties who almost certainly have ADHD.

Long biography

Linda Roggli, PCC, is an award-winning author, internationally recognized ADHD expert and founder of the international A-D-Diva Network for women of
‘that certain age’ who suddenly realize that they unknowingly have been working around their ADHD for a lifetime. She is also the co-founder of the acclaimed ADHD Women’s Palooza, an online week devoted to women with ADHD.

Linda claims the title of ADDiva for herself and all women who (despite their best intentions) forget appointments, read five books at a time, have illegible handwriting and burn the lasagna because they were checking email. (Lasagna? What lasagna?).

Her book, Confessions of an A-D-Diva; midlife in the non-linear lane won First Prize in the 2012 Next Generation Indie book awards. And while awards are nice, the greatest compliment she receives about the book is “You told my story! I laughed, cried and felt better about myself and my ADHD.” She was a contributing author to  The Distracted Couple: The Impact of ADHD on Relationships (2013) published for ADHD professionals.

Linda is Professional Certified Coach, trained in an ICF-accredited school. She has ADHD-specific training with  ADHD luminaries such as Nancy Ratey, Linda Anderson, Dr. Edward Hallowell and Jody Sleeper-Tripplett.

She is a popular presenter on midlife ADHD and women’s issues. She blogs for “ADDitude Magazine” about midlife and ADHD and has been featured on many webinars and radio programs.

She chairs the Webinar Committee for ADDA and served on its board of directors. She also facilitates a local ADDiva support group for women with ADHD in North Carolina.

She is a former radio and TV reporter, advertising executive and award-winning entrepreneur (Small Business Person of the Year). She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Louisville in Communications.

She lives in Durham, NC with two adorable Shelties and one adorable husband and too many white-tailed deer who love to chomp on her organic veggies.

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