An open letter to potential coaching clients


Glad to hear you want some help with adult ADHD.
Let’s see if we are a good fit.

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As you know from my profile, I work primarily with ADHD women who are at midlife and beyond (I call them ADDivas and founded the ADDiva Network to help support them/us). What my profile does NOT say is that I, too, am an ADDiva. I was diagnosed at age 45 and suddenly my life began to make sense.

Oh, so THAT’S the reason I started a dozen different projects but couldn’t quite finish them! Now I know why my desk has piles instead of files (although I am pretty organized, I can’t keep up with all the paper). Now we know why I am late most of the time (could it be because I am trying to do one more thing before I leave or that I can’t find my car keys at the last minute or that I haven’t allowed enough time to get to the appointment???).

I know what it’s like to live the ADD-ish life. And I also know what it’s like to have a coach on my team, someone who understands the challenges, who helps me set realistic goals, encourages me when I stumble and is my best cheerleader.

That’s the kind of coach I love…and the kind of coach I am.

In my coaching, we go deeper than your ADHD — because you are MORE than your ADHD, you are a woman (or you’re a quite exception guy which is just fine, too) getting ready to SOAR! All you need is a little boost. That’s where coaching comes in.

Sure, I have lots of ideas to help deal with ADHD — like labels on EVERYTHING. And setting up a routine to get to sleep before 3 am.

But I offer more than tips and tricks. I create a safe place for you to be exactly Who You Really Are in the world. No pretense. No faking it. You can let down the facade and make mistakes (!) and say goofy things that no one else would understand and talk about your boss who just doesn’t ‘get it’ and laugh at your ADHD story of the day (or hour).

In other words, I help you begin to love yourself – exactly as you are. Not as you WILL be when you finally get the dining table cleaned off or when you finally file your taxes (from two years ago??). And then move toward your own long-buried dreams (how dare you have dreams when your dishes aren’t done?) and begin to live the life you were always meant to live….rich, deep, satisfying.

How can I make that claim? Because I did it. I changed my life thirteen years ago and now I love waking up every day (except the mornings after I stayed up ’til 2). It’s truly a magnificent life..and you can have it too. In your very own version.

The world is waiting for you. Your gifts need to be shared. You’ve taken a huge step forward by looking for a coach. Whether we work together or you choose someone else, GO FOR IT. Live your dreams.




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