ADDiva Group Coaching Q&A

What’s different about group coaching?

Well, for one thing – obviously – coaching is done with several women in a small group. The coaching benefits are equal to private coaching, but progress may be a bit slower simply because there is less one-on-one attention. Or not!

ADHD group coaching

How many women are in the group?

There are never more than six or seven women in an ADDiva Coaching Spa. We all have too much to say and everyone needs a chance to share! 

What do you talk about?

Our conversation is guided by the group. Naturally, because this in an ADDiva group, we’ll touch on topics that are universal to ADHD women, like organization, time management and relationships. But we can talk about the smallest and the largest issues that are on your mind. No holds barred! (And privacy assured.)

Is there a special format for group coaching?

The sessions start with a connection and check-in. We’ll do follow-up on commitments made at the previous session and then move into discussion of topics for this week. Each member of the group has an opportunity to share, within the constraints of our time together.

Commitments? That sounds like homework!

Not really. We offer a chance to set commitments as a means of accountability. You are always in charge. And when you arrive at your own solutions to challenges, they tend to “stick” better.


What happens if someone dominates the conversation and I don’t get heard?

Ah, the zinger question! At the beginning of our coaching, I require that all participants agree to guidelines (the Standards of Presence) that eliminate the possibility of one person hijacking the session. If it does happen, I will handle it gently and firmly. If someone cannot or will not adhere to the Standards, they may be asked to leave the group.

What if I miss a session?

When you sign up for coaching you are making a commitment, not only to yourself but to the rest of the group. Of course life sometimes gets in the way, so if you know you will miss a session, we can record it for you with the consent of the rest of the group. Then you can catch up with that session! (Sessions are never recorded unless this kind of request is made.)

We'll miss you


What if I don’t like coaching and want to drop out?

If after the first session, you find that group coaching isn’t for you, you may leave the group. There is a $50 service charge for leaving the group, so you would pay $50 plus the cost of that coaching session. The rest of your money is refunded. After the second session, there are no refunds.

A final note from Linda


“I love coaching groups of ADDiva women – it’s an extension of my original dream, women’s retreat facilitation. My retreats are pretty much a week-long group coaching session! (visit for info)

Remember: group coaching has some distinct advantages over private coaching:

  1. Communication and connection with other ADDivas helps “normalize” your experiences. You aren’t alone!
  2. Costs are far lower than for private coaching.
  3. We meet online (Zoom) so there is no travel needed.
  4. The camaraderie and friendship developed during the group provides invaluable support.
  5. We stay in touch via the ADDiva Network on Mighty Networks – online, private and easy to use.


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