Would you be willing to donate?


You know how successful Get Organized and GO Forward are for ADHD folks like us

But we can’t give them away (for the hours we put in, believe me, it is not inexpensive for us to present the programs week after week). And some people just cannot afford even the incredibly modest cost of a session. So we set up this donation site for you to contribute to helping other ADDivas (and ADDivos) get into or stay with the program.

Often it’s a temporary situation

Job loss, illness, family crisis. It can happen to any of us. When those folks get back on their feet, maybe they will be the ones donating to this fund.

In the meantime, if you can donate, please consider doing so.  We keep a separate PayPal donation account with these monies and distribute them at the beginning of each organizing session.

Six options each session

There are six possible discounts for those who apply:
Two (2) full scholarships
Two (2) 50% scholarships
Two (2) 25% scholarships

For each session (every 6 weeks) we need $400 to fund all these high need situations.  For the most part, we have covered these expenses but we’d appreciate a bit of help ; – )

Your generous heart is so appreciated!

(BTW- we are not set up as a non-proft so your donation is not tax deductible but is a heart to heart gift.)

You may designate to whom your gift is given on the PayPal site … or leave it open for anyone in need.

Donate via PayPal HERE