Those Wild & Crazy Hormones

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Delighted to send you a preview of my upcoming book about ADHD and the impact of hormones.

Although hormones seem far removed from our brains, turns out they play an important role in cognition. They help shepard our dopamine across the murky waters of the synapse and bring better connection to our neurons.

But as we well know, hormones fluctuate over the years and for women, over the months. That means our ADHD also fluctuates.  It’s time to get a better handle on these tiny chemicals that hold sway over our brains.

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By the way, there is a full one hour presentation about hormones and ADHD available in the 2021 ADHD International Conference archives.



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Book: Confessions of an ADDiva: Midlife in the Non-Linear Lane, by Linda Roggli, ADHD Woman, ADHD Coach

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