The ADDiva Refund policy

We are thrilled that you placed your confidence in the ADDiva Network when you made your purchase. We are optimistic that your program, event or merchandise is satisfactory. We will work overtime to ensure that you have a Five Star experience.

However, there are instances when a refund or return is necessary. This policy outlines the current terms for refunds and returns.

ADDiva physical merchandise (hats, mugs, etc.)

Returns are accepted within 30 days for merchandise that is unused and in like new condition. If the item has been shipped, you must pay return postage and handling. Your account will be credited within 48 hours of receiving your merchandise return.

Exchanges may be made within 30 days. You agree to pay return postage on the unwanted merchandise; ADDiva pays postage for the new item.

If merchandise is damaged in transit, we will replace it immediately and seek assistance from our carrier (usually the USPS).


ADDiva Network
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Durham, NC 27712

ADDiva digital merchandise

Digital downloads and other online merchandise are guaranteed to perform as promise. In the case of garbled download, a new link will be provided.

No refunds are offered for products already downloaded. There is a limit on the number of times you can download a particular file (usually 3). Digital files are not to be published on the internet, social media or other distribution avenue.



We are committed to providing excellent coaching services to all our clients. Results are not immediately apparent; coaching new behaviors takes time. Please give coaching its full due – make regular appointments and keep them so you can receive the highest benefit.

If there is a problem, we encourage you to talk to Linda about it; often resolving problems WITH coaching is actually beneficial TO the coaching relationship.

If there is no other solution to the issue, we offer a refund of the unused coaching sessions minus a $50 administrative fee.

For private coaching, that means the average price per session based on the original contract times the number of unused sessions.

For group coaching, that means the average amount per session times the number of sessions unused.

Note there are no refunds for coaching sessions not used within the stated time frame, e.g. 90 or 180 days or for missed sessions during group coaching. Group coaching sessions are recorded, so there is always the possibility of “playing catch-up.”

Live events

Refunds for scheduled live events are given at the rate of 100% within two weeks of the event; 50% refund up to the day of the event. No refund after the event begins.

Dissatisfied customers may request an adjustment to their payment; refund possibilities are at the discretion of the presenter.


Retreats require many hours of planning and prepaid expenses, so refunds are handled differently from merchandise or coaching.

Up to 90 days before a retreat we offer a full refund for a legitimate reason (changing your mind isn’t legit – there’s usually something else going on). We include a $200 administrative fee for all retreats, which is non-refundable. SO your refund would be the amount paid to date minus $200. The fee may be waived in extreme circumstances.

For cancellation between 30 and 90 days before the retreat begins, we offer a 50% refund which includes the administrative fee.

There is no refund offered 29 days before the retreat begins unless there is another registration to take your place. Then there is a 80% refund of all payments minus the $200 administrative fee.

For ADDiva weekends, which are less expensive, there is a 100% refund policy in place within 60 days of the weekend. There are no refunds within 2 weeks of the weekend. The administrative fee is $75 non-refundable.


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