The vision for the ADDiva Network is HUGE

Support for women with ADHD
(or ADD or ADD-ish tendencies)

Each day, more and more women wake up to their own ADD-ish tendencies. Maybe it’s ADHD, maybe not. But you don’t need to be “officially diagnosed” to appreciate the relief at finding a network of women who “get it” when you talk to fast or too much, when you forget appointments, when you lose your paycheck or get bored in the middle of once interesting projects.

Accent on the positive

As a medical or psychological condition, ADHD sounds pretty scary. Even the words “deficit, “disorder,” “hyperactivity” skew negative.

The truth is that sometimes ADHD works for us, sometimes it causes us a lot of grief or embarrassment or pain. But it’s just another “thing” we deal with in our lives, like thunder thighs or high cholesterol.

ADHD is not life-threatening (although the depression that often accompanies it can be serious), it’s not bite-your-nails serious (although changing jobs to avoid being fired can impact your career) and it’s not such a Big Deal (although husbands, partners, bosses, parents and even children may disagree).

In the scheme of things, if you are dealt a “brain deficit,” ADHD isn’t a bad one to have. Think about it: you are spontaneous, flexible, wacky, fun, interesting, refreshing, energetic, honest, tenacious, multi-focused, well-intentioned, and creative … oh, I just got bored with this list. I’ll finish it later ;o ).

Point is that the phrase “what you focus on expands” means that we focus on the positive and we get MORE positive. Cool, huh?

Wear your ADD-ish-ness proudly!

The ADDiva Network is all about celebrating the Real ADDiva in you. It’s about inviting that part of you that you might be hiding to come on out and play in the sunshine without a moment’s thought to whether you’ll be judged or criticized. Here, you can be yourself -100%.

So come on in to the ADDiva Network — we’ve been waiting for you!