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I am frequently late to appointments.
Most people can’t read my handwriting (sometimes even I can’t read it!).
Laundry mildews in my washer because I forget to transfer it to the dryer.
At times, I’ll ‘space out’ in the middle of a conversation and forget what we’ve been talking about … and even the names of the people I’m supposed to be talking to!
Usually, you can’t see the top of my desk – there are too many piles of ‘stuff.’
Palm? Dayrunner? Post-its? I’ve tried every organizer in existence but after a couple of weeks, I’m right back where I started – disorganized.
I get sleepy during boring lectures or presentations even if I’m interested in the subject
I love to start new projects. And more new projects. And even more projects. Finishing them? Um….not so much.
I don’t want to be bothered with fussy things: jewelery, scarves, headbands or anything ITCHY against my skin.
I’m a bottom line person – cut to the chase, please!
I need the Big Picture before I can fully grasp a concept or idea.
I’ve never really ‘fit in.’
It’s hard for me to read an entire book; I do better with short articles.
Balance my checkbook? Are you kidding me?
Many nights, I can’t get to sleep; my mind is buzzing with plans and ideas.
I am often accused of ‘going overboard’ on things I’m really excited about.
I come up with new ideas faster than I can write them down or act on them.
If I could clone me, I might be able to get all the things done on my To Do list. Maybe.
I’ve depended on my intelligence and wit to get by most of my life.
I’m afraid people will find out that I’ve been faking it all this time.

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