Me: Congrats! You successfully registered for the upcoming ADDiva Network Connection. 

You: “Thanks, but where is it?”

Me: “Ah, that’s a secret…just kidding! It’s on the internet, actually.”

You: “What’s the web address?”

Me: “You’ll find a link in your email Inbox – just click it and you’re there.”

You: “But in the past, I’ve had trouble downloading stuff for ADDiva webinars.”

Me: “Not this time! We have a new webinar interface that is entirely Flash-based. Nothing to download to your computer. And you don’t even need a password! How cool is that?”

You: “Whew! My ADDiva brain likes it when things are simple and easy.”

Me: “Me, too. See you online! Now go check your email, OK? (If there’s nuttin’ there, wait a bit or check your junk mailbox.)