Cancellation policies

Refund and cancellation policies

As eager as you are to attend Linda’s events, sometimes life gets in the way. By registering you are agreeing to honor the cancellation policy for the applicable event/class

— Classes (including teleclasses)
       Before start date of class
: full refund
       After start date of class: no refund (but you have access to all recordings)

— Coaching

Group coaching
Cancel before the first session: full refund minus $25 service charge.
Cancel after only one session: pay for that session plus $50 service charge, refund rest of payments made to date.
Cancel after two or more sessions: no refund, but you have access to all recordings.

MIssed sessions: no refund, but you can "catch up" via the recordings posted online

Private coaching
Cancel before the Foundation session: full refund
Missed sessions: unless canceled 24 hours in advance, no refund
Other cancellation policies are spelled out in the coaching agreement.

 — Workshops
       Cancel 14+ before the workshop: full refund
       Cancel within 14 days of the workshop: 50% refund

— Retreats
      Cancel 30+ days before the start date of the retreat
– full refund minus $75 administrative fees
Cancel within 30 days of the retreat – no refund  
      Exception: If there is a waiting list for the retreat and we are able to fill your place with another person, we will refund your retreat fees minus a $150 administrative fee.

If you have questions about these policies, please contact Linda at linda  @