Grocery list pdf

 Here’s the link to download my grocery list. Note that it is for MY food preferences (and those of hubby Victor) but you can easily adapt it to your own menus. I created the original form in Microsoft Word. I then print a couple of dozen copies on legal size paper and keep them in the drawer next to the refrigerator.

I hang the list on the refrigerator and check off the things I need (or write them in, which is why I have some blank spaces in the list). When I go to the store, I grab the list, using the back to add other errands that have nothing to do with groceries!

I revise the list periodically as my diet changes – right now I am mostly vegan, thus the preponderance of beans and lentils. Please feel free to copy this idea and make it work for you. I know there are apps for grocery lists but this works better for me (I don’t always have my iPhone when I run out of sugar). Hope this helps YOUR grocery shopping, too.

Click here to download the pdf of my personal grocery list

My list, my fridge, my Sheltie To Do list My list, my fridge, my Sheltie To Do list