ADDiva coaching assessment

Are you ready for ADHD coaching?

A quick quiz that can gauge your coaching “readiness.”

I take responsibility for what happens in my life without blaming others

I am eager (desperate?) to change things in my ADD-ish life. Surely it can work better than THIS!

I am able to clear time in my schedule and space in my life for a coaching commitment of at least 90 days (10 sessions).

I look at coaching as a short term investment that may have results that accumulate over time; I’m not looking for a quick fix. 

I can pay for coaching without serious financial impact (going deeper into debt, skimping on necessities).\

My family, partner and/or significant other is supportive of my decision to try coaching.

I’m looking for a coach who goes beyond ‘Tips and Tricks’

I have worked with a psychotherapist or counselor (now or in the past)on other issues in my life (now or in the past).

I have a pretty clear idea about the coaching issues I’d like to address.

I have time outside of the session to complete requests and inquiries made during coaching.

I have taken responsibility for treating my ADHD via medication, alternative treatments, exercise, supplements, etc.

I am willing to be 100% honest during coaching – about ADD, my life, anything that comes up (knowing that confidentiality is 100% assured), even if I’ve been hiding ‘in the messy closet’ of ADD shame for years.

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Here’s the link to download the pdf that discusses 13 Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire an ADHD Coach!

For more information about ADDiva coaching, visit the Coaching section of my website!