Reboot Your ADHD Life Weekend

reboot your adhd life for women only

Make 2015 your break-out year!

 “Reboot Your ADHD Life  Weekend”  (for women only)
May 2-3 , 2015
Raleigh, NC

I’ve always heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result.

So why are you stuck in the same old rut, trying tame those stubborn piles of paperwork or conquer your endless To Do list?  Or worse, have you given up in despair, living in misery among the  laundry baskets and moldy veggies in the fridge?

It’s time for ADDiva triage, my friend!
February gives you a clean slate on which to write your 2015 future.
It can be different this year, I promise.
And it starts with a single, magical weekend with me and a roomful of ADDivas.

Yep, for the first time EVER, I’m launching an ADDiva program that invites women like Linda Roggliyou to gather for a weekend of getting down to the ADHD basics (even if, like me, you’ve been diagnosed for years, it’s easy to forget the basic stuff that helps), then move into the all-important women-only aspects of ADHD, then end with a free-wheeling discussion about money, career, relationships and living your BEST ADDiva life, sprinkled with delightful ADDiva anecdotes and sage wisdom.

If this sounds familiar, you’re right. My “Reboot Your ADHD Life” Weekend Intensive is similar to my spectacular ADDiva retreat but condensed into two wonderful days (and it’s on a weekend to accommodate your work schedule ).


I have loosely based the weekend agenda on my award-winning book, Confessions of an ADDiva: midlife in the non-linear lane. Our weekend  explores ADHD with a decidedly feminine attitude. We’ll talk about the effect of hormones on ADHD, figure out whether it’s A.D.D or A.G.E. and discuss the challenges of piles of paper/magazines/mail/bills and more. In true ADDiva form, though, we will absolutely positively veer off that topic and down in the trenches of what’s going on for YOU right now. The weekend ends with an exploration of where you’re going and how to get there with your ADHD in tow.

What will I learn that I haven’t already heard a million times?

stone towerOne of my golden rules for clients is to “have a beginner’s mind.” That means that even if you have heard something two years ago, you’ve never heard it today, in this space, with these people. In other words, it’s always new. Always. So allow yourself to listen with new ears, expect a different experience and drink in a deeper level of understanding. And if you’ve never read “Confessions” or are an ADDiva newbie, all the better – you’ll hear it straight from the … uh … ADDiva’s … mouth.

On the practical side, we will delve into the material with gusto. ADHD is different for women which is the reason we’re not inviting any testosterone into our midst! The weekend will be rich with content and rife with discussion and laughter (and possibly a few tears).

But I don’t have time to spend a whole weekend with Linda. Can’t we just have another webinar?

Webinars are marvelous things. You know I love them, but there is nothing, I repeat  NOTHING that matches the experience of being in the room with other ADDivas. Some of my most memorable moments have been spent looking in to the eyes of ADHD women who really “get it” and who finally realize “it’s OK to be me just as I am.”

Plus, webinars are usually one hour long. Our weekend together includes two full days; it’s like a dozen therapy or coaching sessions strung together. My experience is that when you are immersed in the learning for longer periods of time, the lessons go deeper and stay longer. (But don’t worry, we take lots of breaks so our ADDiva brains can regroup!)


So, what’s REALLY stopping you from registering for this groundbreaking weekend, the weekend that can set the stage for your best year ever in 2015?

OMG,  I want to come but I can’t afford it!

Do you really want to be here with us? Then you will make it happen. I have a hunch that you spend money on other people and other woman daydreaming, thinking, confused, looking upthings long before you spend money on yourself. What the heck? Do you think you aren’t as important as all that other stuff? Trust me, you are. In fact, if you don’t spend money and time and effort on yourself, you can’t be the best you for all those other folks in your life.

Your decision to spend money (wisely) on yourself sets a standard for those who love you: that you honor and respect yourself enough to invest two days changing your life for the better.The truth is that you make choices about what to spend your money on every single day. Isn’t it time to walk your talk? Take care of you first.

Yeah, but is it really worth it? I mean REALLY worth it?

I want to say ‘yes’ but I’d rather let other ADDivas give you their opinions:

“Every time I hear you, I learn something new and useful.” –Kathy

“I am so incredibly relieved to finally understand that my negatives are really positives and that I am not a bad person. Thank you!” – Harmony

“Thanks for giving me those constant reminders on how to balance
myself so I can adjust to ways are good for me and my ADHD.” – Kerri

“Linda, thank you for the gift of yourself. I am renewed through and through.” –Sharmaine

“You worked your magic, yet again! You must really love us!” – Laurel

You know, a lot of ADHD women hide their shortcomings (as best they can) from friends and family but at the “Reboot Your ADHD Life” weekend, your ADD-ish traits are welcome. We don’t mind if you interrupt or you choose to participate by standing up instead of sitting. In fact, we  understand (and sympathize) completely!

So what are you waiting for? More details? Oh yes – here they are:

Dates: February 7-8, 2015 (all day Saturday and all day Sunday)
Time: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm  (or a bit later)
Location: Hampton Inn and Suites, Brier Creek (shuttle from RDU Airport)
Accommodations: Rooms available at the Hampton or other nearby airport hotels
RDU is an international airport served by all major airlines


We’ll begin promptly each day at 10:00 am and end (probably less promptly) at 5:30 pm. The information we’ll pack into two days is phenomenal and the input from other women who share their stories is priceless. There is, of course,  price for this amazing weekend but it’s not really a price, it’s an investment. In you. You ARE worth it, you know.

Want more details? Click here to schedule a conversation with Linda

Ready to register? Click here to register for Reboot Your ADHD Life (for women only) two-day weekend


Investment in you: $597

The ADHD Reboot Weekend  is also available with a 7-session private coaching package with Linda if you’d like more personal attention and help with your ADHD.
More details at the session!