Honestly, I hate New Year’s resolutions.

I know from long experience that I have no reasonable expectation of KEEPING them. It’s my ADD-ism at play.

But this year – without a lot of fanfare and hoopla – I decided I wanted my life to be calmer and less out of control. I wanted some routine (yuck) in my daily existence that would validate the admonitions I give my clients and retreat participants: take care of YOU first, so you can take care of other people/things/situations.

So…to that end, I want to:

Exercise five days a week

Eat better food that soothes and nurtures my physical body

Take time each day to sit quietly or walk the labyrinth or read inspiring passages to soothe my soulful body.

Get help: for the housework that falls behind, for the website that is never done, for the adminstrative tasks that snag me, for the errands and garden chores and bill sorting and office cleaning. I need help to FREE me from myself. This year I’m getting it.

Spend time with the people who are important to me – in turn, but all of them. Family, friends, pets, email correspondents. I love em all. This year they will know it.

Have more fun; laugh more; play more; get away from the computer more.

BE ME. Without apology or guilt. It’s enough. But I forget that.

Well, OK. I guess now I am committed to this list.

I will forgive myself for falling off the intention wagon. I’m not so good at keeping promises – not because I don’t want to but because I forget where I’m going.

This year, I wanna remember. A wise friend gave me a page with these words printed on it:

“Discipline is remembering what you want.”

I will remember. I’ve made my intention public.

No pressure. Just reminders…thanks for listening.