“Never a dull moment.”

That’s what they’ll write on my tombstone, when I leave this plane and transition to the next. Why be bored? Or boring? Makes no sense to me when life is so full of interesting, exotic and exhilarating experiences.

I’ve written a book, been scuba diving, flown an airplane, eaten way too much frozen custard on occasion, reveled in the smell of newly mown grass, lost a beloved pet, sweated on the elliptical, listened to my own coaching sessions without cringing, went through labor a second time, learned to say “I love you” to my dad, visited the ruins of ancient Rome, lightly brushed treetops in a hot air balloon, loved and lost and loved again, was on-camera for a story about a truckload of honey bees that overturned en route to Florida, taken the GMAT and LSAT and GRE but never went to grad school, been thin then chubby then moderate, looked high and low for the Real Me and finally found her right here all the time.

Now you know all about ME. Tell me about YOU. Leave comments on this blog by clicking the “comments” link. Or not. I’ll still love you even if you just lurk, read and leave.

Oh, I forgot to mention: I give a LOT of hugs. Ask anyone.