Exercise is good for you. Everyone says so.

It helps you focus, tightens those abs, lifts your spirits, improves ADHD. So why am I so resistant to jumping in to just DO IT?

I found a shirt that inspired me and thought I’d share it with you here:

linda running late shirt edited 72

Ah, if only it was true! I’d be the fittest of the fit. But…I doubt that running late will ever replace the sweaty, painful, repetitive and often boring creature I know as real exercise. Sigh..

But I am trying resistance training… I resist the training! Ha.

When I saw this picture, though, I was horrified. Where did all those lumps and bumps come from? I must have been in denial about the shape my body is in…so I am turning back to Weight Watchers and I am going to dig in the garden (the least offensive of all exercise for me). Maybe I’ll keep you posted.

You know .. I WILL keep you posted! Too often I only share the good stuff so when I go missing it’s usually because I haven’t lived up to my (your?) expectations. So..this time, I will faithfully report my  true results. Scary…but good.