Someone once told me that the only prayer is “Thank you.” Not necessarily to God or Buddha or Mohammad or The Universe. Just “Thank you” to no one or nothing in particular. That notion has stayed with me over the years (as evidenced by the fact that I am now sharing it with you).

I admit that I waffle in and out of the attitude of gratitude. Sometimes I remember just how lucky I am to be alive. Period. In the eons of history of this planet, I managed to materialize in the era of homo sapiens. And I happened to have been born to parents who, while not wealthy, were always able to provide food and shelter and clothing during my childhood. And support during my adulthood.

Thank You

When I look skyward on a clear night, I am humbled by the vastness of it all. While my vision is usually nearsighted – looking only to the next project or the latest snafu – I am awed that I can see light from stars that took literally thousands of years to reach Earth. Amazing. Incomprehensible. Humbling.

Bringing my gaze and attention back to the here and now, I recognize that the issues I have with ADHD are simply insignificant. Not only in the span of the universe, but in my own life as well. On my deathbed will I agonize that I was late to dinner or missed an appointment? Likely not. I will treasure the people in my life, will be reluctant to leave those who touched my heart and opened my soul.

Which brings me to the point of this short message. I appreciate you. I understand you. And, do I dare say it? I love you, too. You are my peeps. I am your sister. We are in this together day in and day out, whether we remember to look to the night sky in awe or whether we fret about our latest mistakes.

There’s only one thing to say.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.