All those long worrisome nights are gone!

The sun shines brightly even when it’s raining!

And “Confessions of an ADDiva: Midlife in the non-linear lane” is DONE!
Yes, my dear ADDiva friends, I have finally finished my dream book and I think you will love it as much as I do.

I wrote it in simple ADDiva-friendly style — not too many words on a page, lots of illustrations by my good friend Wendy and TONS of information about living with ADD as a mid-life adult woman.

If you’re not quite “mid-life” yet, no worries – all the info applies to you, too. And if you ARE 40-or-better, you’ll appreciate the emphasis on the change of life and hormonal influences on ADD.

I am SO proud of myself. Yes, I am actually allowing myself to bask in the glow of completion – just like my postcard says (did you get that postcard yet? here’s the link to it so you can see it again Completion postcard.

But wait! You don’t want a postcard? You want the BOOK??

Well, pre-order it RIGHT HERE! I am making final proofing corrections tomorrow and then it will be available to EVERYONE.

Here’s a little secret: I actually printed 25 copies before I did final corrections. They aren’t perfect – perfecting IMPERFECT to be frank (there is a spelling error and several formatting snafus) but if you want one of the first first first run books, drop me an email and I’ll autograph it for you – bargain price of only $16 (normal price is $19).

And the book will soon be on Kindle AND available as an audio book. Whew. I have been working my butt off (except that I have been sitting on my butt and now it needs a little exercise!).

Gotta run…recording the first five chapters today

Hugs and love