I am beginning to scare myself.

I have always been a top notch speller – drives me a little crazy to come across misspelled words in books and even blog posts (!). And I’ve been typing since high school (omg, that’s coming up on 40 years ago), so I don’t think I am simply mistyping the words (like nad instead of and)

OMG!!!! 40 years??? That’s a post for another day….

Point is that more and more often, I misspell simple words, transpose letters and sometimes even words when I type emails or posts or ….anything.

It’s a constant irritating descrepancy that makes me worry that I am developing dyslexia in my 50s!  Never ever had a learning problem and reading is not an issue (except when I miss half the email in my rush to get through the barrage). So it’s probably not true dyslexia. But still…

I am having the same problems with phone numbers. I have dialed the wrong numbers again and again, hitting the numbers in reverse order or worse.  I could chalk that up to not wearing my glasses when I call someone…the numbers blend together and my fingers could stray a bit.  It’s embarrassing, though, to reach someone who isn’t happy that I called during their nap!

Failing eyesight doesn’t explain the spelling, though.  I can see what I type. My brain knows the spelling. But I just sent an email to a friend that said:

“When you do you come home?”

The “you” and “do” sound alike, but I inserted the “you” twice and in the wrong order.  This is a pretty tame example; I’ve done worse. And it is scaring me.

I’ve read enough to know that early onset Alzheimer’s is rare, but not unheard of at my age. And my brain is turning to MUSH. Argh!!! I hate this almost as much as the crinkles on my neck and (shall we say) derriere!

Ick, ick ick. I like being on top of things. This is falling behind. Ick. Where did my brain GO anyway?