Great news for all of you! Twelve hours of interviews with world experts on ADHD next week and they are absolutely F.R.EE!

It’s the very first “Succeed with ADHD Web Summit” and I am honored to be an invited speaker. I was even more humbled when I saw others on the speaker list included such ADHD luminaries as Kate Kelly (who wrote the book “You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy, or Stupid?”), David Giwerc (founder of the ADHD Coaching Academy) and Nancy Ratey, MCC (author, coach and ADHD celeb).

It all starts MONDAY at noon; Just register and you can listen live to two interviews each day (one at noon, one at 9 pm Eastern time) and if you miss your favorite, you can listen to the recording afterwards, also for fr.e.e.

My session “Confessions of an ADDiva” will be live at noon on Thursday July 28th when I will talk about the success track for midlife women with ADHD.

Wanna attend? Just register…here’s the link

(I shortened it for simplicity’s sake). It has all the details. And if you miss a session, you can listen to the recording afterwards, too. No charge!

Can’t wait to hear from everyone– it’s gonna be a great summit. Hope you’ll join me (and Nancy and Kate and David and Carrie and Roland and….all the rest)

Hugs and ADDiva love


here’s the link again