David Allen is on to something and he’s making the most of it.

His Getting Things Done model (GTD) works – not only for linear folks but for ADDivas as well.

It’s a flow that helps eliminate clutter and get things..uh D-O-N-E (which if you don’t know by now, is my favorite four letter word!).

I just saw a simplified diagram of his flow in the Costco magazine (my favorite place to shop for almost anything). I won’t reproduce it here but if you can pick up a copy of the December Costco magazine, you’ve got it!

Here it is in words:

Stuff comes “IN”

Decide “what is it?”

Do you need to take action?

if NO — choose one of these –

  1. Eliminate it
  2. Incubate it (someday/maybe folder), or
  3. Reference it (paper or digital folder)

If YES – then, decide: What’s the next step?

A. If it’s a multi-step project:

a. Figure out the desired outcome (which goes through a cycle of planning)

b. Go back to the Yes question and decide what’s next

B. Not a multi-step project?  Then:

1. DO IT if it takes less than 2 minutes


2. DELEGATE it — put it in communication system and track it via lists/folders


3. DEFER it – put it on the calendar OR put it in an Action folder or list or tray

That’s it.

Sounds simple. Is simple. So let’s try it.

I’ll keep the lines of communication open so we can implement this together.

Are you on board?