My iPad has become my best friend – I take it everywhere I go (although I am a bit leery of the grocery store – afraid I might leave it in the cart). And since I was an “early adopter,” there weren’t millions of apps available when I received my iPad via FedEx back in May. That meant I could actually sort through the ones I’d like to try.

“Taska” is one of my favorites – it’s a To Do list and project management app that has a simple, beautiful interface that I actually USE. Based on “Getting Things Done” or GTD principles, it has  “Inbox,” “Action List,”  “Next,” “Someday,” and “Projects” lists. But it also has a Shopping List (sorely missing from apps like THINGS for Mac), which I love.

Even better, using my iPad’s GPS (I have the 3G version which lets me roam and use the internet), it uses “Context” to show me where I am located in relation to the errands I am running. For instance, if I am supposed to go to the bank which is across town and to Lowe’s (I spend a lot of time at Lowe’s) which is two blocks away, Taska will tell me that, so I can be more efficient with time and gas. Cool, huh?

It syncs with the popular Toodledo app when you use it on the iPhone. But for me, the iPhone is just too darned small to be practical. I can’t see it well, my big fingers always hit the wrong keys on the keyboard and it’s not as pretty (granted, I have an ancient iPhone…shockingly it’s two years old!!!).

Anyway, wanted to let you know about Taska. I do a lot of research about this stuff and might as well pass along my findings to you, too!