My sons are grown and living on their own now, but the early days of wilted bouquets and spilled orange juice for my Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed still bring a smile to my once-a-mom-always-a-mom face.

Being an ADD mom with ADD kiddos is a three ring circus sometimes. You’re going in 10 directions. They’re going in 20 directions. You’re trying to keep up with each other….or not. Whew! I can remember thinking “I’m having a hard enough time keeping myself upright, let alone try to help my sons, too!”

But we muddled through. And now that they’re grown and gone, they think I’m the best darned mom that ever walked the earth! How did THAT happen??? Hey, I’m not gonna try to change their minds. It’s nice to be appreciated. On Mother’s Day and any other day.Linda's sons and mom

So here’s to the ADDiva moms in our midst. May they be blessed with a heaping helping of patience when they need it most, a spur-of-the-moment sense of humor and a heart open to the aggravating, creative, procrastinating, loveable and altogether amazing children they nurture each day!

Viva ADDiva moms!