My hair looks good for five minutes, then it starts drooping. I’m sure it’s a combination of high humidity, thinning (aging) hair and a less-than-expert stylist (me). But I’m spending a lot of time in front of the camera (webcam!) lately and that means my hair need to stay in place for at least an hour or two.

The solution? Some over-the-counter concoction called “Freeze Baby.”  It’s a super hold hairspray that won’t let my hair slip out of place until I am ready. It’s a bit sticky and hard to rinse out, but heck, it works miracles in those hours that I need that “extra hold.”

It occurs to me that I need a similar OTC product to keep my ADHD successes in place. Like my hair, I can maintain my equilibrium and outwit my ADHD temporarily – maybe five minutes, maybe five hours. But ultimately, my ADHD takes on the role of high humidity and begins to erode my ability to keep it together. My hair and my ADHD start drooping.

So maybe we can concoct a Freeze Baby version for ADHD – something that lets us continue to stay organized. Or a quick spray that keeps us on time more than once a week. Or even a lotion we can lather on to freeze our ability to stay focused and on track for an entire afternoon (or even better, an entire morning until we get out of the house for the last time).

It’s just a dream, a frivolous thought. But wouldn’t it be nice to keep that ADHD in check just like I keep my hair in place? Sigh….