All through the ADDiva homes, there were receipts a’rustling and eyes getting bleary….

Oh, maybe that was just at my house…

Why DO I do this every year? I know better. I have just as much time as the people who file on time instead of getting an extension (sigh). I swear this year will be different. But it’s not.

But you know what? It’s a choice I make, right?

I choose whether to watch American Idol or input my Costco receipts (yes, this is an American Idol household, blush blush). And if it was really really REALLY important to me, I would commit to doing it differently, change my attitude toward time and then march to a different drummer.

Clearly I don’t value being on time with the taxes as much as I value other things. Like going to Meetup (support group) or playing with my Shelties or writing in this blog.

So for 2008 (hey, at least I’m working on the right YEAR of taxes!) I will put in my last minute hours again.

Here’s wishing you many happy …uh …. returns