You know, I started this blog with the intention of being transparent about my own ADD issues so that other women – ADDivas all – could open up and share themselves honestly, without shame.



Most of the time I can do that. But bring up the big M (Money, of course) and my inner ADDiva wants to run for the hills. It’s just not a topic that I like to discuss openly. Why? Because of the shame attached. And yes, it’s got ADD written all over it.



Now that I think about it, this M topic is pretty complex – the financial piece is the tip of a very broad and deep iceberg that juts into the areas of work, education, time management, planning, organizing, social skills, distractibility. Wow. It’s a virtual cornucopia of ADD-ish-ness.



So, now that I have made a loud disclaimer, let me be transparent:



I’ve never really made much money in my life. Not ever. Embarrassingly. Humiliatingly. Never.



It’s not that I haven’t worked hard – too hard sometimes. But I tend to choose jobs that aren’t at the high end of the pay spectrum. Like being a newspaper reporter. Somehow, writing used to be something that everybody took for granted. As if everyone in the world could rub two words together and come up with a sentence. Not so. (with the exception of that last sentence..)



Especially in these unstable economic times, it makes me feel bad that I didn’t even make lots of money when everybody ELSE was raking it in. And how do I change that in THIS climate? Especially with ADD playing its devilish tricks on my memory and mind?



Well, I’ve decided several things:



1. Money is important but it sure doesn’t mean much without health or family or dreams or connection to my soul.



2. Other people’s lives aren’t a good barometer of MY life; I’m not gonna compare my money situation to anybody else’s.

3. Life is still good, no matter what my bank balance says. There may be some changes up ahead, but I am still living my dreams every day, hanging out with women who truly understand me and supporting them to live their dreams, just as I did/am

It’s a pretty harsh world for a lot of folks right now. Losing your home or your business is absurdly horrible. Yet we will get through this; our ADDiva creativity, integrity and determination will see to it. Rainbows still rise in the sky after a chill storm. And money will never be the measure of a life well lived.