The last two trips I have taken out of town, I have forgotten to pack my vitamins. Buying two more sets was EXPENSIVE (especially the fish oil).

I need a better plan for my trip to Illinois to visit my parents. I checked online for a vitamin organizer and found several promising ones on Amazon but then Googled again and found a bonanza of pill organizers! Check it out at Forgetting The Pill.

These guys have every kind, shape and size of pill organizer in the world, I think.

Plus they have alarms so you remember to take your meds/vitamins etc. Pretty darned cool – some will even speak to you or ring a LOUD alarm.

You gotta love the web – it’s better than shopping in New York City – open 24/7 with every variety and variation of almost anything you’d ever want!



PS– don’t forget – store that fish oil in the refrigerator or freezer after you open the package!