I’m a renewed fan of aluminum foil. Lots of reasons:

1. It molds to anything and stays put.

2. It survives being roasted or frozen

3. It’s reusable.

4. It recycles when it’s finally worn out from crinkling and recrinkling.

Yep. The aluminum foil package at my house has moved front and center in my wraps drawer. And it’s gonna stay there. I used to feel wasteful for using thin sheets of metal, but now I know better than to use them ONCE.

And I’ve known, but forget (in this world that still worships throw-away) that it’s a lot better to recycle at home than it is to put it at the road to let someone else recycle.

That’s about it for now. I just need to get this stuff down before I forget. And this is a big one.

Green hugs