Well, it’s time for an update, especially after Dr. Tracy Ware’s presentation to the ADDiva Connection last night.

My report first:

Honestly, I didn’t think I would be so lethargic without Adderall. I thought I was an AD BIG H D kind of gal. You know, the hyperactive type. Maybe I’m inattentive after all !

I swear I can’t remember anything. I went to the bank on Friday to deposit some checks and drop off some info to my friendly “relationship banker.” Got to the bank (a 20-minute one-way trip) and reached for the package and checks – nope. Left them in the kitchen right next to my purse (which I picked up and ran out the door). I was SO mad at myself.

So on Saturday, Victor and I headed back to the bank, sans package (RBC isn’t open on Saturday in Durham). Do you know that I forgot those checks AGAIN? I actually pulled up to the ATM, got an envelope and THEN remembered that I had, uh, forgotten. I was angry TWICE at myself (but trying to be forgiving … after all, I am an ADDiva who celebrates this kind of forgetfulness, right?).

Was is the lack of Adderall? Maybe. Maybe not. But I sure am spacey. I can’t get anything done. Or even started. Maybe I need a little “push” in my brain to keep me on track. Or even to FIND the track in the first place.

I am surprised. A bit dismayed. And drinking iced tea to stay awake to write this.

Is ANYTHING simple? Are there real solutions? (sigh) I wish I knew….