I know the Law of Attraction works (made famous recently by the movie THE SECRET). But I don’t often get a reminder as powerful as the one I received today:

An ADD client of mine – let’s call her Valerie (not her real name, of course) – came to our session today in a state of anxiety. She needed to find and move into a new apartment by the beginning of August – just 33 days from now.

She and her two young daughters have been living in a tiny 500-square-foot apartment while her husband works on a big project out-of-state. When hubby commutes home on the weekends, it’s close quarters. Eventually, the couple wants to buy a house – the larger apartment is a stopgap measure.

“Valerie” was discouraged; there were only a few rental vacancies in the school district she wanted for her daughter. Most of them were too expensive; after all, there are two households to support – his and hers.

“There aren’t any nice places I can afford out there,” she said. “So many people want to live in that area. Plus, I get so overwhelmed trying to figure out the school district from the address. I have to go back and forth from the online listing to the school map.”

Lots of details, scanning, moving back and forth between data bits–it sounded like a nightmare for an ADDiva like Valerie, or anyone with ADD, for that matter.

So I asked Valerie to close her eyes, take a few deep breaths and imagine moving into a home, townhome or apartment that was just perfect for her and her daughters. We took a virtual tour of the home as she created, starting at the front door, proceeding through all the rooms – kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, baths, even the closets.

When she had a clear picture of the home in her mind, I asked her to tell me about it, expecting to hear about a modest two bedroom apartment.

To my surprise, she described a brand new dream house: granite countertops, upgraded cabinets, hardwood floors, an office with a place to curl up and read, walk-in closets, two car garage.

I was doubtful; it would be a big stretch financially to buy new construction. And she had some legal issues that stood in the way of getting a loan.

But the Law of Attraction says that if you ask for what you want and know that the answer is always YES, then you will create it for yourself. Mentally, I took a deep breath, hoping I wasn’t leading her astray.

“OK, you can have it that house!” I declared confidently. Valerie was stunned. “I can?” she asked with a nervous laugh.

“You bet,” I said, realizing that she COULD have it….if she moved to a different area or was willing to spend most of her income on the house, cut down on restaurant expenses and vacations. Those weren’t sacrifices she could make right now.

“It might not happen immediately,” I said. “You can’t go from zero to 60 miles per hour all at once. You might need to go from zero to 30 the first time, then hit the accelerator to reach 60.”

So we did more visioning – this time about a spacious apartment that would be her “stepping stone” to that dream house.

Turns out, she had already found an apartment in the right school district that would be available August 8 — but where would she and her daughters live for those eight long days? We brainstormed about ways to negotiate with the old or new landlords and came to the conclusion that the worst case would mean storing her belongings for a week and living in a hotel. The girls would think it was an adventure and they could move into the new place before school started.

When Valerie left GardenSpirit, I was convinced she would work out a perfect solution to the apartment situation and I promised to send her the names and numbers of some inexpensive yet dependable movers.

About two hours later, I received an email from Valerie with the words “NEW HOUSE?” in the subject line. On her way home, she had stopped into the bank just to check on mortgage loans.

Turns out, the legal issues that stood in her way were not a deterrent to applying for a mortgage. And the payments on townhomes in her area will actually cost less per month than rent!

I know this works. I KNOW it. Yet it’s so reassuring to SEE the Law of Attraction in action. Even with ADDivas like Valerie.

Wow. Last time I talked to her, she was on the Multiple Listing Service site, finding lots of options for her first house. I know it will happen. I act ‘as if” it’s already happened. And by George, it DOES happen. Wow.