Think about it: if you procrastinate about doing your taxes you probably procrastinate about getting a massage or going to the grocery store, too. It’s not about the actual event or whether it’s pleasurable or not. It’s about dragging your feet or waiting til the last minute.

What’s up with that? Ah your ADDiva brain needs the extra push of adrenaline to get it going, m’dear. When we get excited or anxious or in a hurry, our brains perk up and work better.

That’s the whole idea behind prescription stimulants – waking up your brain without the effort of creating drama or chaos in our lives.

So when you leave the mess on your desk or your bed unmade, notice whether there are parallel circumstances in other areas of your life.

Chances are, the way you do anything IS the way you do everything. Until you change everything by changing one single thing.