For an ADD woman like me, travel is an both a thrilling prospect and a disheartening lesson in my own disorganization.

I just hate calling myself disorganized. It’s so…so, unladylike. Of course, I was always a little less than ladylike, I suppose. Back to travel.

I have learned a few things about travel that help, however. They might be useful for you, too.

I have decided that the only way to travel is in comfort. So I take care of myself in extremely kind ways. To wit:

1) I always carry a small travel pillow with me. It’s squishy and soft and recently laundered (in complete contrast to airline pillows). I am always running behind, staying up late to pack, etc. So I am usually tired. A pillow makes it easier to sleep on the plane.

2) I always reserve a window seat. Not as convenient for bathroom trips, but that little extra space where the plane curves outward is a Big Deal when you are trying to sleep. Plus I like to snuggle the pillow against the window – don’t have to worry about falling onto someone’s shoulder.

3) I have honed my packing to a science: three pieces that fit airline regulations and fit my needs:
a) my main suitcase with my clothes, shoes and makeup/toiletries – all of which can be replaced (checked through to my destination);

b) my rolling carry-on with my laptop, computer accessories, camera and manila folder containing my travel documents (and water bottles)

c) my featherweight carry-on bag that has my pillow, my purse, my book (s), iPod and headphones.

4) I downsized my big 29″ suitcase (which was always too heavy to lift anyway) to a 24″ that is ultra lightweight. Mine is a TravelPro Walkabout — a decision reached after a LOT of investigation and lots of poor choices. (Hint – do NOT buy tapestry covered luggage — it is heavy before you even put clothes in it).

5) I bought a travel purse that collapses flat and that is incredibly lightweight. My regular purse is leather — too heavy to drag along on a trip. I also have a travel wallet that is lighter than my day-to-day version.

More travel tips in Part Two ….