A friend of mine sent me a link to “Despair, Inc.” which is the pessimist’s dream come true (if pessimists believed in dreams…). Tons of anti-inspirational posters and other stuff that is so, so true on occasion.

New item releasing in about two weeks? A social media T-shirt that’s a Venn diagram that intersects ADHD, Stalking and Narcissism. Not a nice combo but it’s pretty funny (although this was the first I’d heard of Twitterstalk.com)

I might have to own one of these actually….

If you want one, visit Despair, Inc.

And if you want an ADDiva T-shirt (instead or in addition to…) they are on SALE this month through the 4th of July!  Regular $20, now just $16 plus shipping (and tax if you live in NC).

Hugs and love