Here’s what I’ve noticed recently (and yes, even in the distant past):

I am trying to get it right before I put it out there in front of you.


The rest of the ADDiva tribe?

The people who know what it feels like to never quite “get it together?” Why would I do that?

So often I get excited about telling you things (I am talking to you all the time in my head, dear friends). But then my darned perfectionistic brain kicks in:

“But I haven’t told them the background of the story and that will take a long time to write. And I want it to be pithy and grammatically correct and meaningful. And interesting. And maybe funny.”

And then..I completely talk myself out of writing ANYTHING to you at all.

Which keeps you out of the loop.

And makes me frustrated because I have SO much to say. So many interesting things to share. So many tragic and funny and absurd and urgent things to share.

So…I have declared a moratorium on PERFECTIONISM!

I will NOT be perfect in this blog. It is, after all, an ADDiva blog. It is a place to be fully Who I Am in the world. So…get ready world. Here I come with all my warts and silliness.

Right NOW!