If you take a look at my bio (which, by the way, appears on ALL my blogs, not just the ADD blogs), it’s a textbook description of ADD. I bounce around from one interesting thing to another, loving them all.

I’m reading a book about ADD and relationships (“ADD and Romance” by Jonathan Scott Halverstadt) which has reminded me that pushing “too many” things into my life is all about creating the stimulation my ADD brain needs. I do a lot of things. I create a lot of blogs — this is Number Six. I definitely have the ADD diagnosis.

The Diva part? It just sounds good with ADD. My ex-husband would tell you I AM part diva, but I disagree. I’ve learned to be myself without the diva-ish drama. Most of the time.

So, by combining my life and ADD coaching training with my own life experience of ADD, I came up with Ask the ADDiva. It’s a collection of short answers – I’ll do my best to be brief – to common issues that come up for adult ADD-ers (see how I interrupt myself even in print? Weird).

If you have a particular question related to adult ADD, send it to me via this post (you can add comments/questions at the end of any post and I’ll get them via email).

If you don’t send questions, I’ll make them up. Hey, I believe in honesty even if it hurts. Anyway, I have lots of questions myself. But can I answer my own questions? Stay tuned to find out…