Well, I planted my garden late (not entirely procrastination though, since I was finishing my book at the height of planting season). My squash and zucchini are late. But now that they are coming in, oh baby! I can hardly keep up.

Which is why I have bumpy, tough yellow squash.


I hate hate hate throwing all that good food away. So I decided to freeze some of it. Delved into the internet to find out if was acceptable in culinary circles. It wasn’t. So I am doing it anyway. The original ADDiva rebel, right?

So. I am sitting here peeling the tough yellow skin off my overripe squash and dreaming of how good it will taste to have them for Thanksgiving dinner. At least I hope so.


three weeks later…

I found this blog post in my “Drafts” folder and realized I had done it again – procrastinated. Or maybe this blog post is better titled “Interrupted.”

Because that’s what happens a lot of times for me. I start something wonderful. Then something else interrupts it (and me). So, rather than offering solutions to procrastination, I will leave you with this question:

What interrupts you that masquarades as procrastination? And more importantly, is the interruption worth leaving your original ‘something wonderful?’