I’m a good cook. Really, I am. But I don’t cook. Really, I don’t. Unless forced to do so by a hungry mob. Or unexpected company. Or predictable holidays (although my preferred solution to all of these situations is a visit to our local restaurant).

So when someone asked me how to improve her ADHD cooking experience, I stuttered for a moment. Then I realized that my culinary techniques (yes, I do have some) are highly influenced by my ADHD.

First I set up my kitchen for ADHD abundance-I have four sets of measuring cups, five sets of measuring spoons, two quart liquid measures and three one-cup liquid measures. I have three sets of mixing bowls, four whisks, eight rubber scrapers, three egg separators … get the picture? I have duplicates of almost everything so that when one gets dirty I don’t have to stop and wash it to proceed to the next step in the recipe. After all, I might get distracted by the suds and never return to the recipe. ADHD? You bet.

Next, I have culled my cookbooks to only a few dozen (reduced from at least 100) which have multiple recipes that I like and am willing to cook (lasagna is not high on that list — too many steps). I keep them next to my kitchen computer so I can research a particular recipe — guacamole, for instance. Then I combine the best from the cookbooks and the web to create Guacamole ala Linda. ADHD? Probably.

Tomato Soup

Finally, with my favorite recipes like Herbed Tomato Soup and Vegetarian Lentil Quinoa Chowder, I make a BIG BATCH. We’ll eat some now; the rest goes in the freezer for a desperate night of “Let them eat soup.” ADHD? Mostly.

I also keep a running list of the ingredients in my refrigerator right on the door – there’s a magnetic note pad that I write and rewrite as I scratch off the ingredients. Right beside it is a carefully compiled grocery list organized by store (Kroger and Costco) with items listed in the order in which I go down the aisles. ADHD? More like OCD, but it works for me. (If you’d like a copy of my list, click this link to my website: https://addiva.net/posts/grocery-list-pdf/ )

OK, you know all my secrets. Oh, except for my Guacamole ala Linda (it’s all about the lime juice and cumin). Now you have no excuse — get out there and cook a little Thanksgiving dinner … or a couple of black bean burgers!