A striking young woman read my name tag at the ACO (ADHD Coaches’ Organization) conference last weekend and did a double take. “You’re Linda Roggli?” she exclaimed. “You’re the reason I’m here,” she said. I looked puzzled for a moment, then she explained.

“I had almost decided not to come to the conference. I’m still in training, I’m not a coach yet, I didn’t need to be there and on and on,” she said. “But then I got your postcard and I knew I was supposed to be here!” Ah, those inspirational e-cards I send out at irregular intervals to the women on my ADDiva list. I got it now. But which ONE so inspired her to action?

“The one about trusting your path,” said the young woman. Then it clicked. The postcard that inspired her was among the first I had created for the list, a photo of an elegant path that leads to an obscured destination. The tagline is “Trust your path, even when you’re can’t see where it leads.” And she “got it.”

Wow, what a great feeling to know that something I created literally a year ago is still having an impact on the world. It reminds me of how we have so MUCH impact on the people in our lives, even when we don’t realize it. Wow. Pretty darned COOL!