imaxi for ipad

The iMaxi (with wings) for the new iPad:


Ok, proof positive that my procrastination has cost me yet another post:

What I wrote in November, 2009 (but failed to post):

“As a self-professed (but absolutely legitimate) techno-gadget-creative aficionado I am constantly distracted by tantalizing online reports of new inventions that will make my life (and yours) easier, simpler and less chaotic.

My experience over the years is that not all neat-o new products actually ACHIEVE that goal. Sometimes (OK, often) the new gadgets take more time to learn and use than the original task they were designed to “improve.” 

I have an electronic graveyard of those useless products (sigh). Wish I hadn’t wasted the money … But when I hear renewed rumors of an Apple notebook (code name: Slate) that will likely be released in January 2010, my little kid excitement kicks in again.

Think about it: a smaller computer with a touch screen that goes with you everywhere (yes put a FOFA on it so you don’t lose it!), that has all your phone numbers and addresses, all your important documents, has internet access…. Oh. That’s already been done. The iPhone, Blackberry, et al have changed the way we handle data. But there’s a price.

Do you really LIKE using a keyboard that’s half the size of a Post-It? Maybe your fingers are skinnier than mine but I keep making typos, even in text messages (which I rarely use….waaay too much traffic for me, ala Twitter).

The new Slate will have a screen that is 7 times larger than my current (and lovely) iPhone. It will have built in wireless access and perhaps a Kindle-like bookshelf…..”

Update on March 12, 2010

The Slate has morphed into the iPad. The iPad has been released for pre-order (yes, I did order one…my birthday present to me). And now the iMaxi with wings has been created to protect the iPad like, well, a soft pad.

This one is kinda gross, kinda funny. The alternate one (with a blood red lining) is just plain gross. I am torn. Is this cute or insulting? Would I put an iPad in an iMaxi with wings? Uh, I’m not sure. I have several weeks to figure it out.

But in case you’re ready, check out Hip Handmaid on Etsy.