Well, I’m always on the lookout for possible ADHD "solutions" — or more accurately, products and ideas that will support ADHD in a positive and encouraging light. So, I was de-LIGHTed to find a product that blocks the blue LIGHT waves that can suppress melatonin production, which in turn can make it difficult to go to sleep at night.


Short summary of the May ADDiva community call — melatonin surges through our bodies at regular intervals, helping us fall asleep and wake up again. Unless we’re glued to the TV or computer screen where blue light rays put the evil hex on melatonin, forcing it back to its lair in the SCN (OK, it’s the suprachiasmatic nucleus – satisfied?). What ensues is insomnia, a lack of feeling sleepy and lots of fallout in the morning. To find something that blocks the blue light waves means that I can work on the computer without my brain being fooled into believing that it’s actually dawn instead of 11 pm. And I might get to bed at a more reasonable hour.

The group (which has joined the capitalist surge for profitability) now sells blue light blocker glasses – some to be worn alone, others to be worn over your regular glasses – light bulbs, night lights and even TV and computer monitor filters. They’re not inexpensive – $10 for a light bulb and $45 for a filter. Glasses are upwards of $60 – $80. But the cost of losing sleep night after night is pretty high, too. In fact, lack of sleep is tied to diabetes, weight gain, heart disease and even early death in women (yikes – where’s my pillow?).

I ordered a couple of things to give them a try – I’ll let you know whether they work for me. Or not. In the meantime, if you’d like to check out the website, here’s their address: https://www.lowbluelights.com/index.asp They have links to articles and research about low blue light levels and depression, sleep, Seasonal Affective Disorder and even fertility. Sleep, I get. Cancer? Not so sure I’m convinced. But hey, I’m willing to be open about the whole thing. Maybe it’s just another … um….light idea…. (you now have permission to groan).