I read somewhere that all of us come up with million-dollar ideas every week, perhaps even every day (for ADDivas like us, it might be as often as hourly!).

But we seldom ACT on those ideas, for a variety of reasons: lack of time, self doubt, fear of failure.

When I have those ideas (quite often), I am sure I will remember them later but — my ADD brain conveniently forgets them almost instantly. I usually have some growling hint that I had a brilliant idea but no memory as to the substance of the idea itself!

So…I propose that we use this space as a catch-all for our million dollar ideas. Even if we don’t have time to work on them right now, at least they are captured and we can go back to see them again.

One caveat: if you see a Million Dollar Idea that speaks to you, please check with the person who submitted it. In other words, no stealing THEIR good idea and making it your own unless the originator gives you permission. This will be a place of creativity and ideas, not a mudfight, OK?

I am creating a separate category for Million Dollar Ideas (under ADDiva Entrepreneurs); and I will kick off the parade with my first idea….check it out!