OK, maybe that was a little too extreme. I get a little carried away with techno-bling that really works. And this smartpen WORKS.

It’s a fat-but-sleek ink pen that has a recorder (kinda cool), a microphone (pretty neat) and a camera (spectacular!) that will capture virtually everything you can write, draw, speak or dialogue with (OK, I know it’s poor grammar, but I am too excited to correct it).

I received my Livescribe Pulse smart pen last week but had no time to open it until Wednesday when I took it on a spin with a long-time client. As we talked, my Pulse recorded everything we both said AND it recorded the notes I took, too. With a camera. Under the pen “nib.” Really?

At the end of the session, I stopped the recording (by touching the pen to the “stop” command printed at the bottom of the page!!) and then turned back a couple of pages. I touched the end of the pen to a word I had written 10 minutes earlier and…..my voice flowed out of the pen with words I had used EXACTLY at the moment I wrote that word. WOW. OMG. This is big. This is HUGE.

The darned camera had actually recorded my scribbles and saved them! And thank goodness, had also saved the spoken words too. That’s a blessing considering that my ADDiva handwriting leaves something to be desired (my mother swears I was a doctor in another life, but actually my doctor-husband has to decipher my notes for me!),

I was even more amazed when I put the Livescribe pen in its special holster to connect it to my computer (via USB). Not only did the audio recording upload to the special Livescribe desktop software (for either Mac or PC), it uploaded my scribbles, too,

This is about as close to perfection as I’ve seen in the technology world. And the darned thing even creates a piano that you can play!!!!

The catch is that you MUST use the special computer imprinted paper to capture the words and audio (the paper is full of little dots that tell the computer where you have made a mark, etc). I was leery of proprietary notebooks, especially about price, but they aren’t too bad.

A four-pack of notebooks with 100 pages each is about $20..that’s about $5 each which isn’t terrible. Not cheap. Not wildly expensive. And you can use (should use) both sides of the page since the pages are numbered.

Here’s the website — I thought you should know!


(Update since I bought my pen in March — there is a new version out named the Echo … even better and still the same price)