Now I walk while I work…on my own treadmill that has it’s own desk!

I got the idea from the Good Morning America show that aired a few months ago. A doctor at the Mayo Clinic created the treadmill desk for people who are on the computer a lot (like me) or on the phone (like me) or who write (like me). Problem was the darned thing cost $6000—whoa!

I knew I could do better than that, especially when I already have a little-used treadmill.

After a lot (a LOT) of research, I found a desk that works for me — the Walk N Work — and a flat screen monitor stand that goes in front of the treadmill so I can see it (laptop was too low) and a bookcase to hold all the rest of the stuff…and I am golden!

I just shot some video of this solution and will post it soon…but know that I am quite proud of the whole thing and more importantly, I am using it!!! Too many of my good ideas go to waste because they aren’t really practical…just cool. So, watch out. I am planning to be a lot more fit, thin and healthy this time next year!

Walking and working is a GOOD thing for ADDivas!